Calculate The Contact Count For A Segment

About this task

Calculating the contact count for a segment allows you to see how many contacts are currently on a segment. It's possible that calculating the contact count may take some time depending on what other requests Bronto is currently processing. If you click the Calculate Contact Count before the count is updated, you are not refreshing the current request. Instead, you are making a new request to update the segment and this might make the count take even longer.

Note: Segments containing criteria in which a delivery group has been selected will be updated every 24 hours or when saving, refreshing, or sending to the segment.

To calculate the contact count for a segment:


  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. To
    • Create a new segment, click Create New Segment.
    • Edit an existing segment, click the pencil icon Edit Segment in the row associated with the segment you want to edit.
  3. Click Calculate Contact Count.
    Calculate Segment Contact Count

What to do next


If a custom delivery group is selected in a criterion and the delivery group contains more than 20,000 deliveries, an error will be shown. You will not be able to get contact counts for the criterion, the rule it is inside of, or the segment.

Segment Delivery Group Limit Error

There is also a limit of 100,000 deliveries per segment. If each criteria in a segment contains a custom delivery group with less than 20,000 deliveries, but the segment as a whole contains more than 100,000 deliveries, an error will be shown. These errors does not apply to the three default delivery groups (All Deliveries, Marketing Deliveries, and Transactional Deliveries).

For more information on fixing invalid segments, see Fix Invalid Segments.