Unsubscribe A Contact From The Contact Details Page

About this task

On the Contact Details page, you can unsubscribe a contact by clicking . When you unsubscribe a contact, they will be given a status of Unsubscribed.

Note: Contacts with a status of Unsubscribed have either unsubscribed themselves from receiving marketing emails from you, or were unsubscribed by you. Contacts can unsubscribe themselves by clicking an unsubscribe link, or by manually marking an email from you as spam in their inbox. When a contact is unsubscribed, their status changes to Unsubscribed. When their status is changed to Unsubscribed, the contact will no longer receive marketing emails from you. The contact can still receive transactional emails from you. The contact will also remain on any lists they have been added to.
Tip: To get to the Contact Details page for a contact, go to Contacts > Search, search for your contacts, and then click on the email address of the contact you want to view data/metrics for.