Configure Magento Connector Cart Messages

Magento Connector can be configured to use information about cart activity from your store to send shopping cart reminder messages.

About this task

Cart message sending can send up to three different messages. You can configure different abandonment settings for each message and can use the following in API tags in your cart messages:

API Value Description
subtotal Subtotal for the cart.
subtotalExclTax Subtotal for the cart without tax.
subtotalInclTax Subtotal for the cart with tax.
grandTotal The combined total prices for all items in an order, minus discounts, plus tax and shipping costs.
quoteURL Cart redirect link.
productId_# Unique identifier for the product.
productName_# Name of the product.
productSku_# SKU number for the product.
productImgUrl_# URL for the main image for the product.
productUrl_# URL representing the product page on the storefront.
productQty_# Number ordered.
productDescription_# Description of the product.
productPrice_# Line item price.
productPriceExclTax_# Line item price excluding tax.
productPriceInclTax_# Line item price including tax.
productTotal_# Line item row total.
productTotalExclTax_# Line item row total excluding tax.
productTotalInclTax_# Line item row total including tax.

For more information about API tags see API Message Tags.


  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Connector.
  2. Locate the connector you want to work with and click its Edit link.
  3. Click Messages.
  4. If you haven't already, configure your default sender options.

    See Configure Magento Connector Messaging for step-by-step instructions.

  5. Click on the Carts tab to configure cart message sending.
  6. Set Enable Connection to Yes.
  7. If you want to specify a specific Magento email sender select the sender from the Email Sender list.

    If you do not see the sender you want to use, configure a new sender in Magento.

  8. Select the Magento customer group you want to target from the Customer Group list.

    You can select multiple customer groups. Only members of these groups will be considered for the send.

  9. Select any Bronto lists of contacts you want to be excluded from this send from Exclusion Lists.
    You can select multiple Bronto lists. Any contacts that are on an exclusion list will not be considered for the send.
  10. Click Advanced options and configure sending options if you do want to use sending options that are different from the default.
  11. Under Message 1, set Enabled to Yes.
  12. Select the Bronto message you want to send from the Message list.
  13. Use Abandon Units and Abandon Period to configure your cart abandonment settings.

    The combination of these two settings determine the amount of inactive time that has to pass before a cart is considered to be abandoned. For example, if you set Abandon Period to 3 and Abandon Units to Hours, then any cart on your site that has had more than 3 hours of inactivity is considered for a send. However, the contact who abandoned the cart must still meet the Cart message rules you configured in order to be sent the message.

  14. Select whether the message is a Marketing or Transactional message from the Send Type list.

    Remember, the message content should match the selected Send Type. For example, do not select a marketing message for a transactional send.

  15. Click Advanced options and configure sending options if you do want to use sending options that are different from the default.
  16. Optional: To use a coupon with your message:

    Before you use coupons within your messages you need to use the Coupons tab to enable Magento Connector to manage/generate coupons. For more information see Configure Magento Connector Coupons.

    1. Click Advanced options.
    2. To use an already generated coupon:
      1. Select Specific Coupon from the Coupon Type list.
      2. Click Select.
      3. Click on the coupon you want to use.

        If you do not see a coupon, you need to use the Coupons tab to configure Magento Connector coupons.

      4. Click Confirm.
    3. To generate a coupon:

      This will generate the coupon when the email is sent and send the coupon details to Magento.

      1. Select Generator from the Coupon Type list.
      2. Select the generator you want to use from the Coupon Generator list.

        If you do not see a generator, you need to use the Coupons tab to configure Magento Connector coupons. Coupons generated from Magento can be added to your message using the API tag %%#couponCode%%. For more information about API tags see API Message Tags.

  17. To set a different Customer Group, set of Exclusion Lists, or Email Sender for this message only, configure these using the lists located under Advanced Options for Message 1.
  18. Optional: To configure additional cart abandonment rules, follow the previous steps (start at 11) to configure Message 2 and Message 3.

    Only Message 1 can be configured to send transactional messages. Message 2 and 3 must be marketing messages.

  19. Click Save Changes to save all of the message configuration changes you have made.

    If you move to a different message type without clicking Save Changes your changes will not be lost. However, it is a best practice to click Save Changes after you complete a large chunk of work so it isn't lost if the system logs you out due to inactivity.

    Note: Bronto will only create a new blank message in Bronto on mapping save. To import Magento message content, use Add or Update All Mapped System Messages or Test Import on the Advanced page.