Search For Contacts Subscribed To An SMS Keyword

About this task

When viewing all the contacts subscribed to an SMS keyword, you can use the search box to find specific contacts subscribed to the keyword.

To search contacts subscribed to an SMS keyword:


  1. Go to Messages > SMS Keywords.
  2. In the Subscription Keywords section, click SMS Keyword Contact View Icon in the row associated with a keyword.
  3. Using the first pull-down menu, select the type of contacts you want to search for. You can select:
    • All Contacts
    • Active Contacts
    • Inactive Contacts
  4. Using the second pull-down menu, select how you'd like to optimize your search. You can select:
    • Contains: This is the best option if you only know part of the mobile number or email address, or if you need to do a group search. For example, you could search for all email addresses that contain
    • Exactly: This is the best option if you need to quickly find a contact and already know what their mobile number or email address is.
    • Starts with: This is the best option if you know what a contact's mobile number or email address starts with, but aren't sure of the ending. You can also use this option to perform grouped searches (for example, I want all contacts whose email address starts with j ).
  5. Enter a search term in the text box.
  6. Using the third pull-down menu, select how you want to search for contacts.
    You can search by Mobile Number or Email.
  7. Click Search.
    The contacts that match your search criteria are displayed.