Modify Links With Toolbox

Link modifier can add or remove URL parameters contained in links that are in the header, footer, or body of a message.

About this task

Note: Toolbox is not compatible with the Email Message Editor. To use Toolbox features, select the HTML (Code Editor) as the Email Message Type.
URL parameters exist in the query portion of a link after the ?. Parameters can be added to URLs to pass additional information to a server and are often used when collecting analytics. Link modifier allows you to select a message, content tag, header, or footer in order to identify common URL parameters in the links contained in the selected message element. It will only identify parameters that are shared across all links in the message content, if a parameter isn't shared across all of the links it will not be recognized as being modifiable.

Link modifier looks for the links that exist in the HTML code of the content you have selected. This includes any link in within an anchor tag. For example, <a href="">Example Link</a> would find the link You can modify or delete these parameters or use link modifier to add new URL parameter.


  1. Go to Messages > Toolbox.
  2. Click Link Modifier.
  3. Select either & or ; from the Select your parameter delimiter list.

    The delimiter you select offsets the parameter from the other parameters in the URL.

  4. In the Select an object to parse section
    1. Select the type of message content you want to examine from the first list.
    2. Select the name of the message, content tag, footer, or header you want to examine from the second list.

    If there are any common URL parameters they are displayed and you are able to edit them.

  5. Optional: If there are existing parameters you want to modify, update the existing VALUE that is displayed.

    You can either type in a new value or use the tag button to insert an API, Field, or Special tag.

    To delete a parameter, use the trash can button.

  6. To add a new parameter:
    1. Click the Add Parameter button.
    2. Enter the variable for the parameter in the KEY box.
    3. Enter the value related to the variable in the VALUE box.

      You can either type in a new value or use the tag button to insert an API, Field, or Special tag.

    A preview of your parameters are displayed. For example, if you enter id in the KEY box and 12345 in the VALUE box, the parameter &id=12345 is appended to your links.
  7. Click Modify Links to apply your changes to your message, content tag, footer, or header.