Generate Bar codes With Toolbox

You can use Toolbox to generate a URL that can be used to share a bar code.

About this task

Note: Toolbox is not compatible with the Email Message Editor. To use Toolbox features, select the HTML (Code Editor) as the Email Message Type.
The bar code feature in Toolbox is not used to bulk generate bar codes. Instead, bar code generator can create a URL that you can copy and paste into a message or browser in order to generate a bar code. If added to a message, the bar code is generated when the message is sent.

The URL/bar code that you generate cannot be saved in Toolbox. When you exit the page the changes you make will be lost. However, you can copy and save the generated URL and make changes directly to it. All of the data and settings specified in the bar code generator are parameters in the generated bar code URL. So you can modify portions of a saved URL to make formatting or content changes. Each change you make defines how these parameters are added to the link to properly render a bar code meeting the specifications you create.


  1. Go to Messages > Toolbox.
  2. Click Barcode Generator.
  3. Enter text in the Enter a code to use for rendering the preview box that mimics how your coupon codes are formatted.

    This allows you to accurately preview what your coupon codes look like. This is not the text that will be used in the bar code itself; that text is entered later. However, if you're using an API or field tag, entering text here will allow you to preview what your bar code will look like once the tag is replaced.

  4. Select the correct bar code format from the Barcode Format list.

    This indicates which bar code rendering will be used for the uploaded coupons. For example, if your coupon codes are QR codes then you should select QR Code from the list.

  5. Select Yes if you want to include a text-based code with the bar code from the Include Human Readable Text list.
  6. To change the orientation for the coupon code display in your message, select Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise from the Rotation list.
  7. To make the bar code larger or smaller, adjust the Width.
  8. Design the text appearance by clicking on or selecting different Format options.

    The preview text below will change as you make selections.

  9. To the change the background color for the message, select it from the Background Color interface then click choose.
  10. To increase of decrease the size of the box around the text, increase or decrease the Padding.
  11. In the Provide a static code to be used or select a Bronto tag box either:
    • Enter the text you want embedded in your bar code by typing it into the box.
    • Click the tag button and select the API or Field tag you want to use.
  12. When you finish designing the bar code, copy the URL and paste it into whatever you are trying to use the bar code in.

    The URL can be placed in an image tag in a message. It can also be sent directly to someone and will open in any browser. This can be useful if a bar code URL is sent through an SMS message and viewed on a phone.