Performing a Test Run With Data Loader

A test run will import the first five rows of any files associated with an import to ensure that the files are correctly formatted.

About this task

It is a good idea to perform a test run after you set up a new configuration, make configuration changes, or add a new file to the FTP server. Test runs allow you to troubleshoot any formatting issues with a file or import before the data is imported into Bronto. You can only test imports that have been completely mapped and have valid files to process. The test run will read the first 5 rows of each valid import file.


  1. Go to Settings > Data Loader.
  2. Find the import you want to test in the Data Loader table and click the Test Run button.
  3. Click Trigger Test Run.
  4. Find the import you want to view a report for in the Data Loader table and click the View Report button.
  5. Use the details in the Info report to determine if the files are formatted correctly.
    To learn more about reports, see Data Loader Reports.