Transferring Files to the FTP Server For Data Loader

Before Data Loader can import a file, you must transfer your files to the FTP server that Bronto configured for you. This is done outside of Data Loader.

About this task

You will need a valid FTPS/SFTP client to transfer a file from your computer to your FTP account, or you can use cURL.

We use non-standard FTPS and SFTP ports, which may confuse some FTP clients. For example, FileZilla may be unable to recognize these ports. To work around this, prefix the host with ftps:// for FTPS transfers or sftp:// for SFTP transfers.

We do not support the insecure ftp:// protocol transfer.

To find the FTP credentials for your account, click on Display FTP Credentials in the Account Information box on the main page of Data Loader.

Note: Only your site administrator can set an FTP password for your account. If no password is set, contact your administrator.

The general process for transferring files is provided below. For specific details about how to complete an FTP transfer, see the documentation for your FTP client.

To transfer files to Bronto's FTP server, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FTP client of your choice.
  2. Use the FTP data provided in Data Loader to connect to the server.
  3. Transfer your files. Data Loader accepts only csv and txt files.
    Note: Data Loader performs an anti-virus scan of each file. In the scan process, Data Loader appends your file with .processing. If the scan completes and your file does not contain a virus, then Data Loader restores your original file name and the file loads. If your file contains a virus, then Data Loader appends your file with .failed and the file does not load. For a file which fails to load, you can click on the file in your FTP client to see an error message.

If you wish to use cURL instead of an FTP client, use the following commands:

  • To upload files:
    curl -F "filename=@FILENAME" -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"
  • To view a list of files:
    curl -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"
  • To delete files:
    curl -F "username=USERNAME" -F "password=PASSWORD"