Create or Upload Coupons

You can either upload coupon codes or use coupon manager to create coupon codes.

About this task

In order to use a coupon codes in your message, you must create a campaign and associated coupon codes with it.

Tip: In Campaign Manager, you have the option to generate codes, which may produce duplicates, or upload your own unique codes. If you want to offer unique coupon codes, then create a csv file that contains your codes and follow the upload procedure.


  1. Go to Commerce > Coupon Manager.
  2. Find the campaign you want to associate codes with in the Campaign list and click its upload coupons icon.
  3. To upload coupon codes:

    Coupon codes can only be uploaded from a CSV file.

    1. Click the CSV File Upload tab.
    2. Click Choose File and select the file you want to upload.
    3. If your file includes header rows, select the number of header rows from the Number of Header Rows to Skip list.

      This prevents the header rows from being accidentally provided as a coupon code.

    4. Select the column number that contains the first coupon code you want to use from the Column Containing the Coupon list.
  4. To generate coupon codes:
    1. Click the Generate Coupons tab.
    2. Enter the number of coupon codes you want to create in the Quantity box.

      You can only generate up to 200,000 codes at a time. If you need more than 200,000, you can generate coupon codes for your campaign multiple times.

    3. Select the desired coupon code character format from the Format list.
    4. Enter the number of characters you want a coupon code in the Code Length box.
    5. To include a prefix or a suffix with your coupon code, enter the value in the Prefix or Suffix box.

      You might want to use a prefix or suffix if you plan to use redeemed coupon codes to build segments.

    6. To offset characters in your coupon code with a separator, enter the separator and the desired number of consecutive characters in the Separator boxes.
  5. Click Upload Coupons.