Set Browse Recovery Recently Viewed Rules

Recently Viewed will email contacts when there is browse activity within a specified period of time.

About this task

The Recently Viewed rule is only considered when a contact failed to meet the criteria defined for Product Threshold or Category Threshold within the time period being evaluated. If a contact meets the criteria defined for Recently Viewed—they viewed a certain number of products within the set period of time—the contact will be sent an email that contains at least some of the products they have browsed.

As you set up your criteria for this rule it is important to carefully consider how a contact receiving a Recently Viewed Message will impact their eligibility to receive Product and/or Category Threshold emails in the near future based on your global rule settings. If you set the In How Many Days criteria for this rule to a much shorter period of time than the other rules, then the contact is more likely to qualify for this rule first. This isn't to say you should set this rule using difficult-to-achieve criteria; sending a Recently Viewed email has value and the ability to capture potentially lost revenue. Just be sure to balance your settings for all three rules so they best reflect and capture the consumer behavior for your site.

To set up your Product Threshold rule criteria:


  1. Go to Automation > Browse Recovery.
  2. Click the Rules tab.
  3. Locate the Recently Viewed rule and click the edit icon.
  4. Set the number of days you want to monitor contact behavior within using the Evaluate products viewed in the last slider.

    Browse Recovery will evaluate a contact's browse behavior this many days back from the contact's last browse event to see if their behavior during this period of time meets any of the active rules.

  5. Select the minimum number of products you want to include in a message from the Min number of products in message list.
  6. Select the maximum number of products you want to include in a message from the Max number of products in message list.

    This both defines the minimum number of products a contact needs to have browsed in order to be sent a message as well as the maximum number of products the message for this rule will contain.

  7. Set how products will be included in a message:

    These settings determine the order products are displayed in your message. You can set the order products appear in a message based on contact behavior (Most Viewed or Most Recently Viewed) or using product attributes. If a contact browsed more products than the maximum number of products you identified for the message, the products with the highest rank based on these settings are included in the message.

    1. Select the product inclusion criteria from the first Sort products by list.
    2. If you sorted based on a product attribute, select how you want to sort products from the second Sort products by list.
  8. Select the message you want to send from the Message to send list.
  9. Click Save.
  10. When ready, enable the rule by clicking the Enable toggle.