Configure Browse Recovery Rules Exclusions

You can configure criteria that will exclude certain contacts from being sent a Browse Recovery message or certain products from being included in messages. These exclusions are applied to all three of the rules.

About this task

You can exclude contacts on any list or segment in your account from being sent Browse Recovery messages but you can only exclude one list and one segment at a time. You can also use order data stored in Bronto to set a number of days that should pass since a contacts last order before they can be sent a Browse Recovery message.

For products, you have the option of setting up a filter on any product field that can be used to exclude products that meet the filter criteria. For example, you might want to exclude products that are less than a certain price or exclude products in a certain category, such as gift cards.

To configure the exclusions applied to your Browse Recovery rules:


  1. Go to Automation > Browse Recovery.
  2. Click the Rules tab and then click the Exclusions button.
  3. On the Contacts tab, set the exclusion you want to apply to contacts:
    1. If relevant, select a list from the List list.

      Any contact on this list will not be sent a Browse Recovery email even when they meet the defined criteria.

    2. If relevant, select a segment from the Segment list.

      Any contact on this segment will not be sent a Browse Recovery email even when they meet the defined criteria.

    3. Set the number of days you want to pass since a contact's last order before they can receive a Browse Recovery message using the Days Since Last Purchase slider.

      This setting is independent of the list and segment exclusion settings and will be applied to all contacts.

  4. On the Products tab, define filer criteria you want to use to exclude contacts from being included in your messages:
    1. Select Exclude Multiple Variations if you do not want variations of a product to count as unique views.
    2. Click Add Filter.
    3. Select a product field to filter against from the Product Field list.
    4. Select an operator to apply to a field from the Operator list.
    5. If required, enter the information relevant to your Operator Product Field combination in the Value box.

      Most, but not all, Operator Product Field combinations require you to specify a value to compare the field data for each product against. For example, if you wanted to make sure items are in stock when a message is sent, you could select Quantity for the Product Field, Greater Than for the Operator, and provide the minimum number of items you want to be in stock for the Value.

    6. Click the smaller Save button.
    7. If you want to add more filters, repeat the previous steps.
  5. Click Save.