Set Browse Recovery Category Threshold Rules

Category Threshold emails contacts based on the number of times a contact views products within the same category during a specified period of time.

About this task

As you set up the criteria for Category Threshold, you will set the number of product views you want to occur within a certain number of days in order for the message you associate with the rule to be sent. Unlike the Product Threshold Rule, these products must be in the same category instead repeated views of the same product. This message is only sent if a contact does not qualify to be sent a Product Threshold message.

You will also define the maximum number of products that can be included in the message, as well as criteria that is used to define the order in which products are shown.

To set up your Product Threshold rule criteria:


  1. Go to Automation > Browse Recovery.
  2. Click the Rules tab.
  3. Locate the Category Threshold rule and click the edit icon.
  4. Select the number of times you want a contact to view the a product within the same category in order to be eligible to receive a message from the Threshold for product views in the same category list.
  5. Set the number of days you want to monitor contact behavior within using the Evaluate products viewed in the last slider.

    This setting determines the length of time views have to occur during in order to trigger the rule. It does not mean that contact behavior is only monitored in this increment of time.

  6. Select Only include unique product views if you do not want the rule to count multiple views of the same product.
  7. Select the minimum number of products you want to include in a message from the Min number of products in message list.
  8. Select the maximum number of products you want to include in a message from the Max number of products in message list.

    If the contact has multiple products associated with the browse behavior defined by this rule's criteria, the message to this contact will contain multiple products. Setting a max limits the message to only the number of products you have defined. If the number of relevant products is less than the max, the message for the contact will contain less than this number.

  9. Set how products will be included in a message:

    These settings determine the order products are displayed in your message. You can set the order products appear in a message based on contact behavior (Most Viewed or Most Recently Viewed) or using product attributes. If a contact browsed more products than the maximum number of products you identified for the message, the products with the highest rank based on these settings are included in the message.

    1. Select the product inclusion criteria from the first Sort products by list.
    2. If you sorted based on a product attribute, select how you want to sort products from the second Sort products by list.
  10. Select the message you want to send from the Message to send list.
  11. Select the product field you want to use to identify your categories from the Category Field list.
  12. Select Separate catagory field by delimiter if you want to broaden the scope of the product categories that will be evaluated for comparison.

    If enabled, when a category contains a delimiter each part of the delimiter is evaluated separately. For example, when this is not enabled the rule will only match Apparel >Shoes to Apparel > Shoes. When this is enabled, the rule will match Apparel > Shoes to Apparel > Shoes and also both Shoes and Apparel individually.

  13. Click Save.
  14. When ready, enable the rule by clicking the Enable toggle.