Share Templates With Sub-Accounts

The Template Sharing page gives you the ability to create templates and share them with all your sub-accounts.

About this task

You must upload your templates to a Master Account in order for them to be available for sharing. You can also share templates one sub-account at a time by clicking Sub-Accounts->Sub-Account List->(the name of a specific sub-account)->Share Templates->Edit Template Settings.

To manage template sharing:


  1. Go to Home > Settings > Template Sharing.
  2. Click Edit Template Sharing Settings.
  3. Check the Show template folder hierarchy to sub-accounts box to show the template folder hierarchy used to organize your templates.

    If you don't click this, the templates will be shown as a flat list with no hierarchy or folder structure.

  4. check the box next to the templates you want to share with your sub-accounts.

    Optionally, you can click Select All to select all templates, or Deselect All to deselect all templates.

  5. Click Save.