Set Up Sub-Accounts' API Access Tokens

The Data Exchange page on the Customize Agency Preferences page allows you to setup API Access Tokens for your sub-accounts.

About this task

API Access Tokens let you manage API access and permissions for your sub-accounts. The sub-account will not have access to these API Access Tokens, thus allowing you as an agency to have complete control over access to the API via this token.

To setup an API Access Token for a sub-account:


  1. Go to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange.
  2. Click Create New API Token.
  3. Give the API Token a name in the API Token Name text box.
  4. In the Unique Identifier section, use the pull-down menu to choose the sub-account you are creating the API Token for.

    The actual Unique Identifier is also displayed.

    Create An API Token For A Client
  5. In the Permissions and Settings section, check the boxes that correspond to the permissions you want to grant for this API Access Token. The options are:
    • Read: Allows data to be read from this account.
    • Write: Allows data to be written to this account.
    • Send: Allows emails to be scheduled and sent from the this account.
    • Token is active: Activates the token. You can always come back and either activate or deactivate the API token.
  6. Click Save.