Create A New Sub-Account

You can create new sub-accounts.

About this task

To create a new sub-account:


  1. Click the Sub-Accounts tab.
  2. Click Create New Sub-Account.
  3. Complete the Contact Information.
    Note: Ensure that you include the country code in front of the contact Telephone. Examples: +1, +44, +420.
  4. In the Master Account section, choose if you want this sub-account to be the master account.
    Warning: The Master Account is where shared templates are stored. The Master Account can also be used for internal marketing purposes and testing. Once selected, you cannot change the Master, nor can you delete the Master Account. Do not select this option if this account is intended to be a sub-account.
  5. Add a Site Name.
    Tip: Choose a name that is similar to the name of the organization. The site name is used when the sub-account enables message reply tracking.
  6. Set the Number of Emails that you want to allocate to the sub-account.
  7. In the SMS Allocations section, choose to enable SMS sending for the sub-account.
    If you choose to enable SMS for a sub-account, you need to specify the number of SMS messages allocated to the sub-account. Client SMS Allocation Settings
  8. In the Usage Alerts section, you can enable usage alerts for when the sub-account exceeds the email allocation.

    In order to use this feature, you need to set up usage alerts by going to Settings > Account Information > Usage Alerts.

    Client Usage Alerts
  9. In the Optional Admin User section, you can add an optional user with administrator rights.

    A user with administrator rights can create users and assign permissions to other users in the sub-account.

  10. Click Save.