Hard Bounce Rate Over Time Report

The Hard Bounce Rate Over Time report allows you to view the hard bounce rate for specific messages, deliveries, automated message rules, list, and segments. this allows you to better determine if hard bounces are occurring as a result of bad message content, sending to the wrong contacts, or a combination of both.

To view this report, go to Reports > Legacy Reports and click Hard Bounce Rate Over Time.

Warning: The reports available on the Legacy Reports dashboard currently exclude transactional and single contact deliveries.

Metrics Shown:

Metric Description Why It's Useful
Hard Bounce (email)
Hard bounces are permanent delivery failures. For example, the mailbox and/or domain does not exist for an email address. The from hard bounce metric represents the number of sent emails that were not delivered due to hard bounces.
Tip: For more information on the bounce classification system, see Email Bounce.

The from hard bounce metric is important because it clarifies why contacts cannot be delivered to. If you are seeing a lot of hard bounces, you need to review who you are sending to and the content you are sending.