Contact Unsubscribes Over Time Report

The Contact Unsubscribes Over Time report allows you to view the unsubscribes recorded in your account over time. You can broadly view unsubscribes across all of your contacts, or get more specific and view unsubscribes that resulted from sending to a specific list or segment.

To view this report, go to Reports > Legacy Reports and click Contact Unsubscribes Over Time.

Metrics Shown:

Metric Description Why It's Useful
Email Unsubscribes (From Unsubscribes)
The unsubscribes metric represents the percentage of contacts that were lost (made inactive) by unsubscribing. Specifically these contacts reached an unsubscribed status after one of the following:
  • Complaining through an ISP feedback loop or through the application complaint system
  • Exceeding the bounce limit that you set

The unsubscribes metric is important because it better clarifies why you are losing contacts. If a contact unsubscribes themselves (via a manage preferences form or other method), this tells you that either you are sending to the wrong people, or sending the wrong content. Unlike bounces, which are the result of technical errors sent back from the receiving mail server, a contact actually has to manually unsubscribe themselves to be counted in this metric.