Products Snapshot

The Product Snapshot allows to view information about the products you have imported into Bronto.

Product Snapshot

Metrics Displayed

The following metrics are displayed on the Products Snapshot:

Metric Description Why It's Useful
Total Products Total number of unique product records that are stored in Bronto. This includes active and archived products. This metric is important because it lets you quickly see if the number of records imported is close to the number of records in your product data feed. If Total Products is much larger or smaller than expected, you know to check the import logs for issues.
Active The number of available product records in your product feed. The Active metric is important because it allows you to see a quick number of how many product attributes are available. If this number is lower than expected, you might want to check import transaction logs to see if all of the desired product attributes are importing correctly. If they are not there may be an issue with the field mappings to your data feed.
  • You can have a maximum of 5 million active products.
Archived The number of records that were imported but are not currently available for use because a more recent product data feed import did not include these records. This metric is important because it let's you know if product data is being lost from import to import. If a large number of records are archived, check to make sure that you didn't have an import where only a partial product data feed was imported.
  • You can have a maximum of 2 million archived products. Once your site hits the archived products limits, previously archived products will be deleted.
Last Updated The last time a product data feed import was run. The Last Updated metric let's you quickly see if imports are occurring as expected.