Format And Style Message Content WYSIWYG Editor

The following table describes the menus and buttons you can use to style message content.

Button Notes
Formatting menu The Formatting pull-drown menu lets you change the formatting style for text in your message. Each of the possible options provides you with a preview of what text using that formatting style will look like.
Font Family The Font Family pull-down menu lets you change the font used in the body of your message.
Font Size The Font Size pull-down menu lets you change the size of the font used in your message.
Text Color The Select Text Color button lets you pick the color used for text in you message. When you first click the Select Text Color button, you will be shown the default palette of colors. To see additional colors, click More Colors.
Bold The Bold button lets you add bold text to your message.
Italics The Italics button lets you add italic text in your message.
Underline The Underline button lets you underline text in your message.
Strikethrough The Strikethrough button lets you add strike through to text in your message.
Decrease Indent The Decrease Indent button lets you decrease the indentation in your message.
Increase Indent The Increase Indent button lets you increase the indentation in your message.
Block Quote The Block Quote button adds HTML block quote tags around a selected area of text. The HTML block quote tag is most commonly used to indicate a block of text quoted from an external source.
Insert Tab The Insert Tab button will insert a tab (4 spaces) from the location of your cursor. For formatting purposes, it is best to use the tab button and not the tab key on your keyboard.
Align Left The Align Left button will align the message content to the let side of the page.
Align Center The Align Center button will align all of your content to the center of the page.
Align Right The Align Right button will align all of your message content to the right of the page.
Align Full The Align Full button will not align your text and uses the full width of the message content area.
Background Color The Select Background Color button sets the background color for highlighted text. To see additional colors, click More Colors.
Select All The Select All button will highlight all of the content in the WYSIWYG Editor.
Remove Formatting The Remove Formatting button will remove the HTML formatting from a selected area. To remove formatting from specific content, highlight the content and the click Remove Formatting.
Insert Horizontal Line The Insert Horizontal Line button adds a horizontal line that spans the width of the message at the location of your cursor.
Insert Special Character The Insert Special Character button on the WYSIWYG editor lets you add international and special HTML characters to your message. When you click this button, a pop-up window will appear that contains all of the available custom HTML characters. If you mouse-over a particular character, you will be shown an enlarged preview and the name of the HTML character. You will also notice that you are provided with the HTML-Code and NUM-Code for that particular character. When you find the character you want, click on it, and it will be added to your message at the location of your cursor.
Insert/Edit Anchor The Insert/Edit Anchor button adds an anchor to your message at the location of your cursor. You can use the anchor to create a bookmark in your message.
Insert/Remove Numbered List The Insert/Remove Numbered List button lets you create a list arranged in numerical order.
Insert/Remove Bulleted List The Insert/Remove Bulleted List button lets you create a bulleted list.