All SMS Messages Page

You can view all of the SMS and MMS messages in your account from the Messages page.

To view all of the SMS and MMS messages in your account, go to Messages > All Messages and then click SMS. From this page you can:
  • Copy a message
  • Delete a message
  • Add the message to a delivery group
  • Preview the message
  • View a report for the message
  • Send the message

You can also click on the name of the message to access the SMS Message Overview page for that message.

Facebook Messages Table

Each of the columns in the SMS Messages table is described below:

Columns Name Description Why It's Useful (Metrics Only)
Message The Message column displays the name of the SMS message. N/A
API ID The API ID for the SMS message.
Tip: For more information on interacting with SMS messages via the API, see smsMessageObject.
Last Edited The Last Edited column displays the last time the SMS message was edited or used in a delivery. N/A
Approved To Send The Approved To Send column indicates if the SMS message has been approved and can be sent.
Tip: For more information on message approval, see Enabling Message Approval Prior to Send.
Total Deliveries The Total Deliveries column indicates the total number of deliveries made using the SMS message. N/A
Total Recipients (SMS)

The Total Recipients (SMS) metric represents the total count of recipients who received an SMS message.

SMS Single Recipients + SMS Multi-Part Recipients = SMS Total Recipients

Total Replies This is the Incoming (SMS) metric, which represents the total number of times contacts replied to an SMS message you sent them.