Email Replies Table Columns

The Email Replies table contains the email replies you have received and all the information associated with them.

Each of the columns in the table is described below.

Type Column

The type column indicates what type of email reply you have received. Email replies are given a type of:

  • Automated: These are replies classified as automated and are usually automated vacation of OOO (out of office) replies.
    Tip: If you are receiving a large number of automated replies or just don't want to deal with them, you can choose to automatically delete automated email replies. For information on automatically deleting automated email replies, see Automatically Delete Automated Email Replies.
  • Unsubscribe: These are replies classified as unsubscribe requests.
    Tip: We allow you to specify keywords found in reply subject lines which when found, will automatically unsubscribe the contact. For information on automatically handling unsubscribe requests, see Automatically Handle Email Unsubscribe Requests.
  • alt here Spam: These are replies determined to be spam by our spam filtering software.
    Tip: We allow you automatically delete any replies determined to be spam. For more information on automatically deleting replies determined to be spam, see Filtering Out Email Replies Determined to Be Spam.
  • Normal reply (no icon shown for normal replies)

Subject Column

The subject column displays the subject line for the email reply.


The status indicates if the contact who sent the email reply is subscribed to one of your lists, or is invalid. A contact can have a status of:

  • Invalid
  • Subscribed
  • Unsubscribed alt here

From Column

The From column indicates the from name used for the email reply.


The received column shows you when the email reply was received.