Delivery Group AMR Table

The Automated Message Rules section contains all of the automated message rules that have been added to the delivery group you are viewing. Below is a description of each column contained in the automated message rules table.

Metric/Data Description Why It's Useful (Metrics Only)
Name The Name represents the name of the automated message rule added to the delivery group. N/A
Type The Type indicates what kind of automated message rule was added to the delivery group. The types are:
  • Date-based
  • API
  • Activity-based
  • Recurring
Tip: For more information on the different types of automated message rules, see Automated Message Rules.
Status The Status indicates if the automated message rule is active (can send) or inactive (cannot send). N/A
# Sent Last 30 days The # Sent Last 30 Days metric represents the number of deliveries made via the automated message rule in the last 30 days. N/A
Last Modified The Last Modified date represents the last time the automated message rule sent a message or was edited. N/A