Browse Loop HTML Sample

Use the markup sample in this topic to include a browse loop in your HTML message. A browse loop enables you to dynamically insert items that were browsed, and not purchased, into an email.

HTML Code Editor: Browse Loop

To add a browse loop to your HTML message, open a message in the HTML (Code Editor) then copy and past the following sample to your message:

<table align="center" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;">  
    <tbody>    Looks like you've been browsin' lately!     
        {dynamic_code}{app_loop tag="$app.browse.browseloop" }    
               {if "%%$app.browse.browseloop._loopIndex%%" mod 4 eq 1} 
            <a href="%%$product.($app.browse.browseloop).product_url%%"><img src="%%$product.($app.browse.browseloop).image_url%%"></a>        
            <br>Title: %%$product.($app.browse.browseloop).title%%        
            <br>Description: %%$product.($app.browse.browseloop).description%%        
            <br>Price: %%$product.($app.browse.browseloop).price%%      
            {if "%%$app.browse.browseloop._loopIndex%%" mod 4 eq 0 OR "%%$app.browse.browseloop._loopIndex%%" eq "%%$app.browse.browseloop._count%%"}