Date Format Glossary

The available options for the custom date field are defined below.

Letter Description
G Era designator

Example: AD

y Year

Example: 1996 or 96

Y Week year

Example:2009 or 09

M Month in year

Example:July or Jul or 07

w Week in year

Example: 27

W Week in month

Example: 2

d Day in month

Example: 20

D Day in year

Example: 189

F Day of week in month

Example: 2

E Day name in week

Example: Tuesday or Tue

u Day number of week (1 = Monday … 7 = Sunday)

Example: 1

a Am/pm marker

Example: AM

H Hour in day (0-23)

Example: 0

k Hour in day (1-24)

Example: 22

K Hour in am/pm (0-11)

Example: 2

h Hour in am/pm (1-12)

Example: 12

m Minute in hour

Example: 30

s Second in minute

Example: 40

S Millisecond

Example: 978

z Time zone

Example: Pacific Standard Time or PST or GMT-08:00

Z Time zone

Example: "-0800"

X Time zone

Example: "-08" or "-0800" or "-08:00"