Contact Details SMS Keyword Subscriptions

The SMS Keywords tab on the Contact Details page allows to view which SMS keywords a contact is subscribed to.

Tip: To get to the Contact Details page for a contact, go to Contacts > Search, search for your contacts, and then click on the email address of the contact you want to view data/metrics for.
SMS keywords are words or names used to distinguish SMS messages on a given short code. Your account will have one short code, but you could have many keywords. This allows you to have keywords for different types of content you want to provide. For example, you could have a keyword for a big sale you are having, and another keyword for mobile updates you provide. There are two types of SMS keywords:
  • Subscription - Subscription based keywords require a contact to choose to receive SMS messages from you (via a webform or by texting in to a given keyword). Contacts who subscribe to a subscription based keyword will be added to a list so that you can send SMS messages to them in the future.
  • Basic or Non Subscription - Basic, or non-subscription based keywords, are meant for individual transactional interactions. With non-subscription based keywords, a recipient texts in to a keyword and a response is sent back. The interaction ends there. The recipient is not added to a list because they have not agreed to receive future marketing messages from you.

For more information on SMS keywords, see Create SMS Keywords.