Include Product Data In Cart and Order Tags

You can use product tags to include additional information about shopping cart and order items in messages to your contacts.

Important: This topic only applies to you if you pass cart or order data from your site into Bronto.

If you use Cart Recovery, then you are able to use a cart tag in your message to include data for any product in a shopping cart or order. The product data available in a shopping cart or order is limited. To include additional information about any product, use a product tag with the cart tag.

Basic product tag syntax:


You must append the product tag with a field name.

You can use a product tag with a cart tag which is inside or outside of a cart loop ({cart_loop}), and in the body or subject of a message.


  • Product tag with the title field inside a cart loop:
  • Product tag with the title field, outside a cart loop, which specifies item 3 in the cart:

    For a cart tag outside a cart loop, the list of cart items begins at 0. For example, to identify the first item in a cart you use the following syntax:%%$cart.item_0.product.title%%

  • To use a product tag in your message, you need to import your product data to Bronto, and have the Cart Recovery app and Order Service enabled.
  • For any product, the SKU number must match a Product ID in your product-data import to Bronto.