The updateFields function allows you to modify existing fields.


You should not use fields to store particularly sensitive or private information about your contacts. Information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, unencrypted passwords, and other similar data should be stored outside of the application in a system specifically designed for handling this type of data.

Any field data you use in a message must be smaller than 1 MB.


writeResult = bApi.updateFields(fieldObject[] fields);


Name Type Required Description
id string Yes The unique id of the field object.
name string Yes The internal name of the field.
label string Yes The external (public facing) name of the field.
visibility string No The visibility selected for the field {public, private}. Public fields are visible to you and can be made visible to your contacts. Private fields are visible only to you.
options FieldOptionObject[] No The possible options that can be set for a field if the field is a pull-down, check box, or radio button.