February 2020

All of the new features that were released in February 2020.

The week of 2/17/2020:

  • The Knowledge Base includes bug fixes and improvements to the front page and to Help topics for better accuracy, readability, and user comprehension.

The week of 2/10/2020:

  • Formatting issues in the Knowledge Base are now resolved.

The week of 2/3/2020:

  • Based on input from many sources, the Bronto Knowledge Base is changing to improve your experience and help you find information more quickly:
    • The Knowledge Base front page is reorganized for easier comprehension. The Table of Contents format makes the organization of Knowledge Base topics more obvious.
    • The improved Search results window provides information on the location of the search topics, as well as star rankings, to assist you in finding the most relevant topics.
    • Learn how to better target your searches in the new topic Bronto Knowledge Base Search. These tips will help you find relevant information more easily.
  • Review the Magento 2 Release Notes for version 3.8.5.
  • Separating your contacts into audience groups is essential for targeted marketing. Learn more about audience groups and how you can best sort the contacts for each group in Bronto.