February 2018

All of the new features that were released in February 2018.

The week of 02/05/2018 Bronto:

  • Published a new video to learn how to connect your Bronto account to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Updated the Data Retention Policy for New Reports. Hourly-level data is available for 2 weeks after a delivery is sent. For messages, lists, and segments, you can query the hourly-level data for the most recent 2 weeks.

The week of 02/12/2018 Bronto:

  • Added a new column on the Orders page grid called Conversion Email. It tells you what email a contact clicked on before they placed an order. This column is hidden by default but can be viewed by opening the Choose Visible Columns window and selecting Conversion Email.
The week of 02/19/2018 Bronto:
The week of 02/26/2018 Bronto:
  • You can now schedule exports for New Reports. For more information on how to schedule a report export, see Schedule Report Exports.