January 2018

All of the new features that were released in January 2018.

The week of 01/08/2018 Bronto:

  • Dynamic Content in the Email Message Editor is now easier to use! You can now see which containers have dynamic content by looking for the lightning bolt next to the container. You can also easily change between rule views with the Active Dynamic Rule list.

The week of 01/22/2018 Bronto:

  • Summary data widgets have been added to the Product Overview page. If you have order or browse data, you will now see 1 or 2 widgets on the Product Overview page. The widgets show you a summary of the actual and trending data for page views and product orders.

The week of 01/29/2018 Bronto:

  • Deep linking is now available through Branch. With Branch deep linking you can convert normal links in your email to deep links. Customers who click a deep link in the email from a mobile device are directed to a specific page in your mobile app or to the app store if the app is not installed.
  • A new option has been added to capture email browse data. There is now an option to only capture email browse data when a contact clicks a button. For more information, see step 10 of the Capture Browse Data help topic.