October 2017

All of the new features that were released in October 2017.

The week of 10/2/2017 Bronto:

  • Updates to the Browse Recovery Dashboard include:
    • A more detailed view of the Product Views report. Now product views metrics are broken into 4 groups: No Email Address, Unknown Email Address, Marketable Contact, and Unmarketable Contact.
    • A new Visitor Views report, which shows the number of unique contacts to the product pages within the month. They are broken into 3 groups: Unknown Email Address, Marketable Contact, and Unmarketable Contact.
  • Published a new webinar Ask the Experts... about Recommendations Premium.

The week of 10/9/2017 Bronto:

  • A reset button has been added to containers and some elements in the Email Message Editor. The reset button reverts changes back to the state when the container or element was opened.

On October 11, 2017, the Bronto Connector for Magento 2 was revised to version 3.4.0. This release includes support for custom administration URLs.

We encourage all Magento 2 customers to update to the latest version.

The week of 10/16/2017 Bronto:

The week of 10/23/2017 Bronto:

  • New Reports is out of Bronto Labs! All customers that have Order Service will now have New Reports.
  • Campaigns is out of Bronto Labs! It is available to all customers that have Order Service. Want to use Campaigns? Go to Reports > Campaigns. Watch this video to learn more about to how create and assign campaigns.
  • Added REST API calls for Campaigns.
  • Released Magento 1 Extension version 2.5. This release fixes issues with email deliveries times and issues with the display of recently-viewed products in email messages. It also includes changes to align with MEQP program and Marketplace listing.