July 2017

All of the new features that were released in July 2017.

The week of 7/10/2017 Bronto:

The week of 7/17/2017 Bronto:

The week of 7/24/2017 Bronto:

  • Added the ability to set the Max Mobile Height of a pop-up. The mobile version of the pop-up will display unless the screen size is larger than both the set Max Mobile Width and Max Mobile Height.
  • Added more customization options to the dynamic ribbon. You can choose the position of the ribbon and the Close link. You can also preview changes and discard changes.

The week of 7/31/2017 Bronto:

  • In the Global Settings for Recommendations, the Random option for Select Default Recommendation has been removed and replaced with Bronto Predefined Default.

    If you were using the Random option, it will now be Bronto Predefined Default. It will behave the same way as Random, but you can edit Bronto Predefined Default to add more criteria. If you were using a different default recommendation, that will not change, but you will now have the Bronto Predefined Default option.

  • In Product Field Descriptions, Product Type has been renamed to be Product Type Multi.
  • Added a new topic: Configure Browse Recovery Test Send Emails. You can now send test emails for Browse Recovery without having to change or deactivate and active message on a rule.
  • For Recommendations Standard and Recommendations Premium, the Apply Randomness function has been moved from the General Settings tab to the Priorities tab. There are now 3 options for Apply Randomness, instead of a toggle switch. The options are Do Not Use, Randomize Best Results, and Randomize All Results.
  • Added the ability to switch Data Loader automatic imports between Daily and Hourly scans.
  • Added information on how to Adjust Google Analytics Settings to set Bronto's EID as ab excluded query parameter. This will prevent Google from reporting URLs that contain an EID as unique URLs.