June 2017

All of the new features that were released in June 2017.

The week of 6/06/2017 Bronto:

  • Added a limit to the number of Premium Recommendations rec loops that a customer can see in a message. You can still add an unlimited number of Premium Recommendations to a message, but a customer will only see results for the first 3 Rec Loops (that have results). There is no limit for Standard Recommendations.

The week of 6/13/2017 Bronto:

  • Added the ability to remove a message from a Campaign.
  • Updated rec loop functionality so you can set a rec loop to be excluded from a message if it does not return any results. See step 3 f for more information.
  • Added a new Product Type field to the list of Product fields.

The week of 6/20/2017 Bronto:

  • Added a new Email Performance Report to New Reports Bronto Labs. The report includes metrics for all email deliveries that have been sent since New Reports was enabled in your account.
  • Removed Automators from the platform. Automators were a Bronto legacy feature that have been completely replaced by workflows.
  • Renamed the Reporting menu to Reports.
  • Renamed the Reporting Dashboard to the Legacy Reporting Dashboard and moved it to the end of the Reports menu.

The week of 6/26/2017 Bronto:

  • Released the webinarState of Email and Ecommerce.
  • Added a new Workflow Nodes Overview "cheat sheet" that defines all of the workflow nodes in one place and provides examples of how you could use each node.