April 2017

All of the new features that were released in April 2017.

The week of 4/03/2017 Bronto:

The week of 4/10/2017 Bronto:

  • Changed how Data Loader report logs work. Previously every error in an import (that occurred within the last 30 days) was listed in the report logs. This means if every record in an import had the same error, the error was included for every record. Sometimes this could mean a single error would result in hundreds of log entries. In an effort to make Data Loader logs easier to read, each unique type of information is now only listed once in the Data Loader run log. A new Error Count field was added to the run log table so you can easily see how many times this error occurred in the import. And you can still see each error individually by downloading the full run log file.

The week of 4/17/2017 Bronto:

  • Added Request Time Criteria to Recommendations. Request Time Criteria lets you reuse a recommendation for multiple purposes by providing a single, dynamic field that can be modified at the message level. For more information about how to add it to a recommendation, see step 14. For more information about how to use it in a message see Recommendation Messages.

The week of 4/24/2017 Bronto:

  • Released Campaigns to Bronto Labs. Campaigns is a new feature that provides simple campaign organization, tracking, and management within Bronto.