August 2016

All of the new features that were released in August 2016.

The week of 8/1/2016 Bronto:

The week of 8/8/2016 Bronto:

The week of 8/15/2016 Bronto:

The week of 8/22/2016 Bronto:

  • Improved the usability of the email message editor. For more information about these changes see the Message Editor’s Fantastic New Features blog post. All of the help topics related to the email message editor have also been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Added new commerce fields to product data. These fields are automatically generated and populated with revenue and sales data for each product and can be used to both view sales trends and build Recommendations recommendations.

The week of 8/29/2016 Bronto:

  • Added the ability to upload files that contain custom fonts.
  • Updated the audit log to include date and time filtering.
  • Added the ability to map product placeholders when designing an SMS or MMS message. For more information see step 9.
  • Configured the platform to disable the Product page data import options when a connector is used to import product data. This prevents your product catalog from storing inaccurate information due to product data coming from more than one source.
  • Published a new webinar titled Crafting Emails Your Subscribers Will LOVE .