May 2016

All of the new features that were released in May 2016.

The week of 5/2/2016 Bronto:

The week of 5/16/2016 Bronto:

  • Released documentation for Socialite.
  • Updated the online help search functionality to support search filtering. Now you can use:
    • and
    • or
    • not
    to filter and further refine your search results. For example, if you search for abandon cart the first several results are related to workflows. If you are not interested in workflow help topics, you can change your search to abandon cart not workflows and search again. Now the search results will not include workflow topics.
  • Updated online help to include a star rating in search results. This star rating is generated by the help system and indicates how close of a match the topic is to what you searched for. When you see one-and-two-star search results, it is a good idea to adjust your search query either by changing or adding to the current search words or by using search filters.

The week of 5/30/2016 Bronto:

  • Added the ability to ignore the year when using date criteria to build segments. Previously this was only available for some date criteria, but now it is available for all date-based segment criteria that include years. Simply select the Ignore Year box to use this.
  • Increased the maximum number of possible A/B split groups from 7 groups to 20.
  • Added links to our webinars to the online help system.