March 2016

All of the new features that were released in March 2016.

The week of 3/7/2016 Bronto:

  • Added two new parameters to Direct Import. The parameter fileCharacterEncoding allows you to specify a character set encoding to apply to your direct import. The parameter inAppAlert indicates whether you want to receive an in platform alert when the import finishes.

The week of 3/21/2016 Bronto:

The week of 3/28/2016 Bronto:

  • Added the ability to keep the status of existing transactional contacts from being changed by a contact import. See step 14. By default, contacts with a transactional status are automatically moved from transactional to onboarding status when they are included in a contact import. But now you can indicate that you do not want their status to be changed. You also have the option of preserving transactional contact status during direct imports using the preserveTransactional parameter.