February 2016

All of the new features that were released in February 2016.

The week of 2/1/2016 Bronto:

  • Updated the Font Family Design menu in the email message editor to reflect which fonts will sometimes display as designed. You can continue to use any font listed, with the understanding that any fonts listed under Reduced Support are only available for a limited number of web clients, browsers, and/or mobile devices and the fonts under Limited Support are not supported by most.

The week of 2/8/2016 Bronto:

  • Replaced content blocks with expanded content tag functionality. This feature update is a little complex, so we included an FAQ on this topic in What's New to help explain the change and address your concerns.
  • Updated how list count is calculated. While changes to a list are made in real-time, not all list changes will instantly be reflected in the number of contacts shown for a list. List count is now updated nightly, except for a few exceptions that will trigger an instant update. See the Lists online help topic for a complete list of what is and is not instantly reflected in the list count.
  • Changed the Table element to Text Grid in the email message editor. All of the functionality of this element remains the same.
  • Changed Import CSS on the email message editor's Settings menu to Edit CSS. All of the functionality of this option remains the same.
  • Changed the Saving message in the email message editor to Saving Draft. All of the functionality of this option remains the same. It's important to note that as the email message editor automatically saves your work, it is saving a draft of the message. If you exit the email message editor without saving, when you go back to edit the message you can either edit this draft or the version of the message you saved.
  • Added product tag support for MMS. You can now use product tags in your MMS messages.

The week of 2/15/2016 Bronto:

The week of 2/22/2016 Bronto: