Field Tags

Field tags let you personalize your email or SMS messages for each contact who receives the message.

Field tags use the contact data stored in Bronto contacts fields to populate email and SMS message content. At message send time Bronto looks up the value stored for the contact field for and replaces the field tag with the saved data specific to a contact.

To create field tags, add %% to either side of the internal name for the field. For example, if you have fields named:
  • firstname
  • favteam
then you could include this data using the corresponding tags:
  • %%firstname%%
  • %%favteam%%
and it would look like this to a contact who receives the message:
  • Bob
  • Mighty Ducks

Because contact fields are specific to each Bronto account there isn't a list of default field tags. You can use any contact field you created for your account as a field tag by applying the correct syntax to it.