Interactive Learning

Learn Bronto by using Bronto with our interactive guides and tutorials.

Bronto's Interactive Learning tools provide you with guided assistance in learning the Bronto platform. There are three types of interactive learning:

Show Me

These are page tours and short guides that introduce you to features and help answer quick questions.

A Show Me gives you an overview of the email message editor, or the basics of constructing a workflow, or help you figure out what your current orders configuration is. This requires some interaction between you and the platform in order to be able to show you things, but you will not be expected to complete or save work.

Teach Me

These are interactive tutorials that help you complete work as you learn to use the platform.

A Teach Me requires a lot of interaction between you, the platform, and the tutorial. When you complete a Teach Me you will have completed a single piece of work, such as sending a message or building a segment.

Guide Me

These are comprehensive tutorials that are designed to help you master areas of Bronto.

A Guide Me is a combination of different types of learning resources: Show Mes, Teach Mes, videos, and help topics. Each Guide Me is designed so that when you complete it you will be completely set up and trained in that area. For example, when you complete Guide Me on Products, you'll have successfully imported your product data and set up Bronto to continuously imported new and updated product data.

How To Use

You can access a Show Me or Teach Me from the Learning Center tab in the platform. Each one is surfaced in the Learning Center tab relevant to the platform page or pages it related to. For example, Teach Me To Send A Message can be accessed from the Message Overview page.

You can also go to All Show Me and Teach Me Guides to see the full list of Show and Teach Me guides. Any guide can be launched from these tables.

All available Guide Me tutorials can be found in this Interactive Learning section of the knowledge base.