Product Tags

If you've imported product data into Bronto, you can use product tags to dynamically add any product field, including custom fields, to an email or SMS/MMS message.

For more information about importing product data, see Products.

A product tag has the syntax %%$product.placeholder.field%%:
  • The tag begins and ends with two percent signs
  • A dollar sign follows the first set of percent signs
  • The tag text starts with product.
  • A placeholder value follows product. The placeholder can either be a contact field or an API message field that represents a product's SKU, or any combination of numbers and letters (but not contain spaces or special characters). If you use a contact or API message field, the product data related to that SKU (Product ID) in the product catalog is automatically pulled in for the product tag. If you use an arbitrary placeholder, you will need to map the placeholder to a Product ID.
  • Tag text ends with a product field. This field must match the exact name of a product field name and it is case sensitive.

For example, the tag %%$product.(contactSKU).description%% pulls the description for the product in the product catalog that has a Product ID that matches the contact field you provided. The same is true for the tag %%$product.(#apiSKU).description%%. But the tag %%$product.lsshirt1.description%% uses an arbitrary placeholder so you need to map the placeholder lsshirt1 to a product ID so that it pulls the description for the product you mapped to the placeholder lsshirt1 at the time the message is sent.

The correct syntax for using
  • A contact field is %%$product.(contactfield).description%% where the contact field is offset by parenthesis.
  • An API message field is %%$product.(#apifield).description%% where the API message field is offset by parenthesis and begins with a #.

Typically you will add a block of product tags, all with the same placeholder, in order to include several details about a product in your message. When you use the email message editor, you can select a product tag from the Insert list. For more information about how this works see Add Tags Using The Message Editor or watch this video. But you also have the option of using the syntax described above to hard code your products into email or SMS/MMS messages.

If you include a product tag in a message that isn't a contact or API message field, you need to map the product placeholder to a product ID in order for the message to replace the tag with real product data. You can click Set Product Defaults, to map product placeholders while working on a message or can map product placeholders while scheduling the message. For more information about mapping placeholders when scheduling messages see Map Product Placeholders When You Schedule A Message for email and Schedule A Delivery Of An SMS or MMS Message for SMS/MMS.

If you use the Order Service, you also have the option of using your product tags with cart tags. For more information about this see Include Product Data In Cart and Order Tags.