SSL Certificates, Private Domains, And Webforms

If you use a private domain and want to host a Bronto webform on your site, you need to host an SSL certificate with Bronto. Having Bronto host your SSL certificate ensures that secured (HTTPS) subdomain traffic works properly on your webform. You may also want to host an SSL certificate with Bronto for your email domain.

When you use a private domain, Bronto uses the HTTP protocol to route traffic to your subdomains. The HTTP protocol can cause an issue when you want to use an HTTPS link to route traffic to a secured location. With HTTP, a contact sees a browser-based security error when they submit a webform ton an HTTPS website. They see the error because they are trying to access an HTTPS location using the HTTP protocol.

SSL certificates ensure fully encrypted communications, which allow your contacts to reach HTTPS secured webforms via Bronto without problems. To set up SSL certificate hosting for your account with Bronto:

  1. Record the following for your site:
    • Common Name (Subdomain Requesting HTTPS Access)
    • Organization (Legal Company Name)
    • Organization unit (Department)
    • State/Province
    • City/Location
    • Country
  2. Contact Bronto support.

    Let support know you use a private domain and need Bronto to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Provide the information listed in step 1 so Bronto can complete the CSR request.

  3. Wait for support to provide you with the CSR Bronto created for your organization.
  4. Use the CSR provided by Bronto to purchase a GeoTrust-issued SSL certificate.
    The certificate should match these specifications:
    • Server Type = Apache
    • Key Length = 2048 bits
    • Public Key Type = RSA
    • Signature Algorithm = SHA256 + RSA
    • CN = Domain you are trying to secure
    • Expiration = Set this date far in the future. When your certificate expires, you must renew it and give the updated details to Bronto.
    Bronto's preferred GeoTrust subsidiary is RapidSSL, but you can use any of these to providers for your SSL certificate:
  5. After you've received the SSL certificate, contact Bronto support so they can guide you on providing the certificate to Bronto. Ensure that you have your support case number and certificate information ready.
    Note: If an SSL certificate in use by Bronto is revoked or re-keyed, you must generate a new SSL certificate and provide it to Bronto. Contact Bronto regarding any changes to your SSL certificate.