Guide Me on Order Service Using NetSuite, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud

If you use NetSuite, Magento, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can use one of Bronto's connectors as part of your Order Service implementation.


Before you get started the following must be true:
  1. Your connector integration is configured.

    If you do not having a working connector, we recommend working with Bronto Professional Services to set up your integration.

  2. Order Service is turned on in your account.

    Order Service is a configuration that tells Bronto how to store order data. If Order Service is not on in your account, contact your account manager so that Bronto can facilitate migrating your account to Order Service.

Configure Your Connector to Import Order Data

Once Order Service is available and your connector is installed, you can use the settings in Bronto to configure your connector to import order data from your site and start leveraging Order Service.

Skip this if you already use Data Loader to import order data.

Verify Your Order Data is Being Imported Properly