Legacy Order Attribution

This topic explains how the legacy order attribution model calculates conversions.

Note: Bronto now offers an enhanced order attribution model.

The legacy order attribution model relies on tracking IDs saved as cookies. When a contact clicks a link to your website from inside a message delivery, Bronto adds a query parameter to the link address. The query parameter contains a special tracking ID that identifies the contact who clicked the link and that specifies information about the message. The browser used to open the link saves the tracking ID as a cookie. If and when the contact places an order using the same web browser, Bronto adds the tracking ID to the order. Bronto can then attribute the contact activity to the order, recording it as a conversion.

To use tracking IDs and pass order data to Bronto, your website must use Bronto JavaScript code. You can then set the cookie expiration time frame and specify the allowed domains in Settings > Platform Settings > Commerce > Order Settings.

Legacy order attribution uses a last click methodology. If a contact clicks more than one link, more than one cookie is created. Bronto attributes the most recent cookie to the order.