Order-Based SMS Overview

You can send contacts an SMS message when their order is placed and when their order is shipped.

You can capture a contact's mobile number when they place an order as well as capture their consent to receive SMS messages related to that order during the order checkout process. See the Order Fields/Order Details page for more information.

Important: The SMS message is sent to the mobile number on the order and is not associated with any keyword. Contacts must opt in each time they want to receive SMS messages for their order. Opting in for order SMS messages does not mean the contact opts in to ongoing marketing SMS messages.
When you create an SMS message, you can use order and cart tags to personalize content about the purchase.
Note: When you send SMS order-based messages, we recommend that you use the %%$cart.item_0_imageurl%% tag to pull in the first product's image within the contact's cart or order. Input this in the Media URL field in the SMS message editor.

If you send messages using a workflow, the Send SMS action node can be used with the Order Is Added and the Order Is Shipped action nodes. The workflow will validate SMS consent before the message is sent.

When a contact texts STOP, is not opted into a marketing keyword, and a single order has been placed in the last 24 hours, a non-editable opt out confirmation message will be returned and the consent box on the order will be unchecked.

When a contact texts STOP, any and all opted-in-to marketing keywords will be returned for their selection, in addition to being opted out of any orders in the last 24 hours.

You can see if a contact consented to SMS order-based messages within the specific order details.