SMS (Short Message Service) is a paid service that you can use to send your contacts SMS messages. SMS messages are allocated independently of your regular email allocation. If you do not have SMS enabled and would like to send SMS or MMS messages, contact your account manager.

If you have SMS enabled, you can use the Messages menu to create, view, schedule, and send SMS messages. You can also include multimedia content in SMS messages that are sent to contacts in the United States, which is referred to as an MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) message. Bronto supports sending images, audio, and video files.

Because it is a paid service, when you send SMS messages you must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, the rules of the Mobile Marketing Association, and Bronto's Permission Marketing Policy. This means:
  • Any time you promote signing up for an SMS campaign, you must include certain language. For more information see SMS Sign Up Campaigns.
  • You must have properly formatted SMS responses that are sent when a contact sends a STOP or HELP message. Bronto automatically provides a default STOP and HELP response, but you can customize some of this content to be specific to your account. For more information see SMS Integration Settings.
  • Any SMS or MMS message you send must include Text STOP to end in the body of your SMS message. For more information see Create An SMS or MMS Message.