Email Frequency Caps Override

Email Frequency Caps Override will ignore your account's default email frequency cap settings for a specific delivery.

Email frequency caps allow you to specify the maximum number of emails that can be sent to a contact over a given time period. For more information on setting up email frequency caps in your account, see Set Email Frequency Caps For Your Account.

Note: Transactional messages are not counted against frequency caps and are still sent even if a contact has received the maximum number of messages.

When you schedule a delivery, you can tell Bronto to ignore your account's default setting for email frequency caps by checking the Email Frequency Caps Override box.

There are a couple of reasons you might want to do this:
  • You know you do not want any of the customers included in this delivery to be excluded from receiving this message.
  • You're scheduling large delivery and want to avoid frequency cap from delaying the send. During delivery preparation, Bronto will evaluate contacts in a delivery to see if they meet your account's email frequency cap setting and each setting (daily, weekly, monthly) will be evaluated independently. If your delivery includes a large number of contacts, and/or you've set multiple frequency caps, it could take longer than normal to prepare your delivery to send.