Conversions Metric

The conversions metric represents the conversions recorded.

What Does The Conversions Metric Represent?

The conversions metric represents the unique conversions that have been recorded. Conversions track when a contact performs an action as a result of an email you send them, such as making purchases, making donations, or downloading a white paper. A unique conversion is only recorded the first time an action from an email is performed. If a contact buys something from you via an email you send them, and then later on purchases something from you via that same email, then only 1 unique conversion is recorded.
Tip: In order to track conversions, you need to set up the Orders Service. For more information on setting up the Orders Service, see Configuring Order Data Settings.

Why Is The Conversions Metric Important?

The conversions metric is extremely important because at the end of the day, the reason you send email marketing messages is to compel your contacts to perform an action. Opens may tell you if the subject line is well written, and clicks may tell you how engaging the content is, but conversions tell you if your contacts are actually performing the action that is the goal of your email marketing campaign.

How Is The Conversions Metric Calculated?

The conversions metric is a total of all the conversions passed back to the application via the conversion tracking URL.

Tip: For more information on how the Orders Service works and how to set it up, see Configuring Order Data Settings.