The Messages page is where you can create, edit, view, and send your email, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS messages.

A message is the actual design and content for an email, SMS message, Facebook post, or Twitter post created in the application. A message can be scheduled and sent to your contacts in the form of deliveries (Email and SMS) or posts (Facebook and Twitter). Messages can, and often do, have multiple deliveries or posts associated with them. A delivery is a collection of all the emails or SMS messages sent to a particular group of contacts at a particular time. When you schedule a delivery, emails or SMS messages are sent to your contacts according to the settings you choose for the delivery. A post is a collection of all the Facebook or Twitter posts posted to a Facebook or Twitter account you have integrated with. An email is the actual thing that arrives in a contact's inbox. The email was created from a message and sent when a delivery was scheduled. SMS messages are mobile or text messages you can send to your contacts.


Distinction Between Messages, Deliveries, and Emails

Facebook and Twitter

Distinction Between Messages and Posts


Distinction Between SMS Messages, Deliveries, and SMS Messages