Pontiflex Connection

Pontiflex provides a leading signup advertising platform for ecommerce companies and nonprofit organizations.

The Pontiflex connection makes it easy to transfer contact data from Pontiflex to the application and to trigger real-time welcome messages to new subscribers. Using Pontiflex, you can run sign-up ads within mobile apps and websites, and accelerate the growth of your house file with brand-specific, new-to-file confirmed opt-ins.

The Pontiflex connection uses the standard Direct Import functionality to upload a list of contacts and their corresponding data into the application. If the contacts already exist in the application, then they are "de-duplicated" and not added. All you need to do to setup the Pontiflex integration is provide data from your account to Pontiflex. They will need the following data:
  • user_id
  • site name
  • list ID
  • field names Optional

To trigger a welcome email to your new signups, you will need to supply Pontiflex with a message ID and the From email (delivery address the message should appear to come from).